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We need a new common consciousness of what’s necessary and possible to curb climate change

CUSP Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity                                   25th November 2018               Guest blog by Teresa Belton Cultural resistance to the need for a fundamental, urgent, unprecedented rethink of the way we conduct life in order to limit temperature rise is … Continue reading

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The many reasons why less is more for the people choosing modest lives

The idea of a life lived modestly is gaining traction. Ten years ago, Samantha Weinberg, a mother of two young children, spent a year not shopping. Her aim was to reduce her environmental impact. The next year, Mark Boyle, founder … Continue reading

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Your serious pursuit of happiness is key to protecting the planet

Michelle McGagh is a bold woman. A personal finance journalist, she has just completed a year in which she vowed to spend no money at all except on essential bills, simple food, and charitable donations. It was a tall order … Continue reading

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3. Habits that Cultivate Happiness are Kind to the Earth: the reciprocal relationship between personal wellbeing and environmental sustainability

Research tells us that non-materialistic people are more satisfied with their lives than materialistically-orientated individuals.  And it is clear that those who put a high value on material consumption, or who look primarily to material things for emotional consolation or … Continue reading

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2. Capitalism vs Climate = Mindless Consumption vs Real Wellbeing

Naomi Klein is right in looking to capitalism, the slave-master of paid-up members of consumer society, to identify the true culprit of climate change and environmental decline. But capitalism, and the hugely excessive consumption of material goods on which it … Continue reading

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1. Relating personal wellbeing to environmental sustainability – how to shape a nutshell?

When I chose Happier People Healthier Planet as the main title for my book I wondered whether there should be a punctuation mark in the middle. I decided against the insertion of a comma or a colon between the two halves, as … Continue reading

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